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Circular Cities

  • Principle Investigator:    Dr Jo Williams
  • Researchers:  Katrien Steenmans and Hitomi Roppongi Fujii
  • Duration: 18 months (ongoing)
  • Funder Grand Challenge

This project seeks to define a circular city. It investigates the strategies for delivery and how these complement or conflict with one another. It identifies the challenges - cultural, economic, political, regulatory, institutional, physical and informational - facing the implementation of circular strategies. Finally it explores the knowledge gaps and begins to develop a future research agenda.


Circular Cities: Strategies, Challenges and Knowledge Gaps [Link]



Circular Transitions

  • Principle Investigator:    Dr Jo Williams
  • Researchers:  Marie Hintz and Yuerong Zhang
  • Duration: 3 months (ongoing)
  • Funder: Global Engagement Fund

This is a pilot study. It seeks to map a range of circular experiments across London. It seeks to identify the potential mechanisms / levers for scaling-up these experiments across London, which may eventually lead to a circular transformation. Eventually this will lead to comparative research between cities in Europe (including Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and Hamburg).